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Posted by Admin on 2007/2/15 16:22:12 (32 reads)


Blankenberge - De failliete nv Sculpta, die jaarlijks het zandsculptuurfestival bouwt, heeft voor 740.589 euro schulden gemaakt. Het is wachten op de curator die het faillissement behandelt om na te gaan of de schuldeisers hun geld zullen zien.
Blankeberge – The bankrupt nv Sculpta, who builds the yearly sand sculpture festival, has a debt of 740.589 euro. It on the curator who treats the bankruptcy to examine if the creditors will see their money.
Vijf jaar geleden sloot de stad een contract af met de nv Sculpta voor de bouw van een zandsculptuurfestival. De drie eerste jaren was het festival een publiektrekker en communiceerden de organisatoren dat ze in die periode jaarlijks zo'n 300.000 bezoekers over het zand kregen. Maar de voorbije twee jaar ging het aantal bezoekers steil bergaf. De slechte weersomstandigheden en het déjà vu-gevoel zijn daar de belangrijkste oorzaken van. Hoeveel mensen uiteindelijk het festival bezochten, is voorlopig niet te achterhalen. Er is zelfs sprake van valse tickets, maar organisator Jaap Cast, die momenteel in het buitenland verblijft, ontkent dat ten stelligste.
Five years ago the city signed a contract with the nv Sculpta for the construction of a Sand Sculpture Festival. The first three years, the festival was a public attraction and the communicated the organisers that the attracted about 300.000 visitors a year. The last two years the visitors numbers went down the hill. The bad weather conditions and the déjà vu feeling where two of the important reasons. How many people visited the festival is for now hard to find out. There is even talk of fake tickets, but organiser Jaap Cast, who currently is abroad, denies this.

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Posted by Admin on 2006/8/29 18:55:59 (339 reads)


Dear Sculptor,
Today the sad news has reached us that Joe Maize has died  from the effects of cancer.
Approximately 5 weeks ago the cancer was discovered. From that moment things went really fast and he has been in hospital for the last weeks.
Jill Smith has been in contact with him the last weeks.
She told us that Joe wanted to say goodbye in an email. Unfortunately he has not been able anymore to send this mail.
As a tribute to Joe and to say goodbye to him we have opened an online condolence book.
If you want you can go to http://joe-maize.gonetoosoon.co.uk.

Posted by Admin on 2006/3/14 12:05:18 (1111 reads)

Stories Here it is the Travel Chanel trailer on the extreme Sand Sculpting Championships.

With the courtesy of the Travel Chanel Also Check out:


Posted by Admin on 2006/3/6 2:00:00 (773 reads)





The Travel Channel taped an all new Beach Week 2006 special SAND BLASTERS:
The Extreme Sand
Sculpting Championship on San Diego’s Pacific Beach on December 10th and
11th. The unique special is
scheduled to premier on the Travel Channel the evening of Sunday, March
12th, 2006.

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Posted by Admin on 2003/11/11 21:06:00 (153 reads)

Stories Aloha Gang! Well, I'm back from the two sand-projects in Australia (Sydney
and Melbourne), which was put on by the great people at Vision Australia.
Yeah, yeah, great time, great stories, and 2 great sculpture projects. Here
is a summary of that almost 2 month adventure.............. Although the
project "officially" started on Jan. 3 (my birthday), we were invited to
arrive early and celebrate New Year's in Sydney! I was shocked that my boss
at the bar I work at in Waikiki said that I could go early provided that I
prepared all the New Year's party stuff for the bar before I departed.
(What a Boss!) December in Australia is their "summer," and I'm sure was a
big draw to those of us who came from places where it gets "cold" around
that time of year (it's always summer in Hawaii). Our first two-week
project, who's theme was "Rain Forests" of the world, was located in the
beach city of Cronulla (just south of Sydney). Our hotel was but just a
short 5 minute walk from the plot (2 per room). Our meals and night
"partying" was just across the street from the project at a Hotel/Sports
Bar/Nightclub called Northies (yes, yes, there was even a mini-Casino in
there for me). It was definitely the hottest place to be at night in
Cronulla! And as for lunch and dinner, the menu selection was large and
varied (funny how quickly you can get tired of steak). The management and
employee's were a great bunch and I couldn't believe that they tolerated
our motley sand/mud covered crew tramping in there for lunch everyday.
(they were great). OK, back to the project. The sand, which is called
"bricky sand" was a very good sand, despite a few teeny-weeny pebbles here
and there. This sand hardened like rock, and took a good soaking or three
to get it carveable again. Kevin Crawford (of Sandscapes) was project/s
leader (and a great job he did). Sculptors were given quite a bit of
artistic freedom with each theme/pound-up. The weather was great (almost as
good as Hawaii), and Aussie beachwear/swimsuits all favored the "how low
can I get these bottoms" look. Besides a slight delay in the pound-up,
everything started out smoothly and continued throughout the project.
Nightlife at Northies was always fun and memorable (18+ drinking age),
although some of us rather forget some of the parties (Greg Glenn) winner
of the "Golden Lampshade Award" and the "Morning of the Living Dead Award."
On one pound-up Myself and Jan and Martijn (of Holland) were given the
honor of doing, was the "Bug Wall" (Rainforest Insects), which ended up
being insects watching a cricket match. It was a big hit with the Aussies
(who are really into cricket). All in all, the first project turned out
great, loved by the media and public! Our group of multi-national sculptors
all seemed to have a great time. The end of the project party was memorable
to say the least! With the second project at Rye beach (just south of
Melbourne), and a week and a half away. Some of us decided to strike out on
their own and "discover Australia," while others of us decided to take the
provided 4/5 day "bus" tour to Melbourne. The exciting part was that it
seemed that half of our intended route was through the, out of control
"bush fires." What with the drought and fires ahead of us, it was always
comforting when our Aussie reps. would call ahead to see if our next hotel
was still there. Yada, Yada, Yada, saw the dry lake, got thrown out of the
War Memorial in the capital, got asked "what are you doing here? Were
evacuating because the fires are coming," at some attractions. Saw the
"landlocked" submarine, the "dog on the tucker box," some famous bar, in
the middle of no where. OK, so it wasn't the best time I ever had, but, it
was "fun." Arriving in Melbourne/ Rye Beach was the end to our adventurous
trip, and was very welcome. Unfortunately, the Caravan Park that was going
to be our homes for the next 2 weeks+ was experiencing one of the hottest
days of the summer. And walking into the mini 2-bedroom (all vinyl) homes,
was like walking into an oven. Finding out that there was only one fan to
"cool" us down, and somehow the "promise" that it was going to cool down
later, didn't help. But, it did, and, that was the only really bad day from
there on. Being located about 3 miles from the project, and the only
excitement nearby was the beach, It seemed like it was going to be a tough
time. But, we were provided with a van and a car, nightly excursions became
common and fun. The project was a Carnival type theme, and with an even
better "bricky sand" and great weather, we began carving. The project went
quick, and the only two "problems" we experienced were taken care of by
Sharon (the project coordinator). Throwing a Aussie joke visual here and
there in the sculpture was fun. My favorite was the vendor selling "Koala
on a stick" with other such things listed on the menu such as, Dingo roll,
Kookaburra Pie, and Wallaby chips, to name a few. Once again, a big hit
with the locals. We finished the project, and it turned out great! Some of
us were invited to do a sculpture for a Aussie "late night show" called
"Rove Live" kind of a "Letterman show." It was fun! With the project
finished, our "sand-family" seemed to depart even before the end of the
project party. While some of us stayed on a while longer to see more of
Australia and others to do a side sand project or two. We all had a great
time together, and look forward to next year! A special thanks to Sharon,
Jimbo, and Becca, who were our little Aussie miracle workers, and all the
other Aussies that made these projects something to remember. Sharon, will
be scouting around for more sculptors this year at the Inaxi summer
sand-projects and at Harrison (she hates butt kissers). Good Luck! Aloha,

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